Big Ideas

At Integrated Work, we serve as consultants to a wide variety of mission-driven organizations.  We strive to amplify their impact by supporting them to realize their vision and their goals and to clarify and create VIABLE strategies. Our approach is human-first, whether we are facilitating, convening, advising, or assisting our partners with project design. This page highlights some of the exciting tools and resources we have created, along with collaborations we are proud to have been a part of.

June 2021  | Amplify Your Impact | Mission Matters

Building truly mission-driven organizations is a worthy, if challenging, endeavor. We understand the principles: define a purpose, inspire people to bring their best thinking and full extent of their talents, foster a sense of connection and community, and raise all boats in the process. In practice, though, activating those principles can be difficult.

Grab a free copy of Dr. Jennifer Simpson’s chapter from the Mission Matters book, and learn more about what it takes for leaders to deliver on a mission-driven vision.

May 2021  | BREATH

The simple set of BREATH prompts on the poster is a reminder that all of us can pause, breathe, and access internal and external resources to support ourselves in challenging moments.​

We hope this poster inspires you to take care and to be kind to yourself so that you may show up in your life with more joy, purpose and energy. The fillable journal page provides an opportunity for you to connect to your reflections and intentions, daily, weekly (or, in other words, as frequently or as infrequently) as it serves you. If you would like to read more about the BREATH mantra, visit our blog post, Human First: Caring for Ourselves in Turbulent Times.

January 2019  |  Emerging Women

The ”Power of We” is a powerful piece about improving women’s chance of success in leadership roles and growing the succession pipeline.  In their piece, co-authors Dr. Jennifer Simpson, Integrated Work CEO  and   Emerging Women’s CEO Chantal Pierrat, demonstrate the power of gender-diverse teams to increase organizational performance,  show why traditional mentoring programs fail, and also explore better approaches to ensuring women’s success that will help organizations thrive.

December 2019  |  The Nature Conservancy

Integrated Work had the pleasure of working with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Arizona to bring together leaders to change the conversation around clean air, clean energy and creating jobs in the new economy.  As a result of this work, TNC released Arizona Thrives. This report and framework is a product of that diverse group of leaders working together to improve Arizona’s air quality, ensure vibrant communities and bolster the economy by accelerating the transition to lower cost and reliable clean energy.

To know how much there is to know is the beginning of learning to live

— Dorothy West