By: Catherine Saar 

During the holidays, while there was much to be grateful for at the end of 2020many of us also came face to face with how much loss and grief we have experienced in the past year. One loss in particular, the passing of Dr. Jack Geiger, a pioneer and founder of the health center movement, also gave us cause for appreciation as well as sadness. His passing is a reminder of how far we have come – and yet how much there still is to do. Dr. Geiger was a leading proponent of “social medicine”, the idea that we must not just treat illness but also change the conditions that make people sick in the first place: poverty, hunger, discrimination, joblessness and lack of education. We continue to fight that fight today and want to acknowledge those who have gone before us to illuminate our way. You can read more about Dr. Geiger here 

Photo from Angel Franco/The New York Times