Adaptive and VIABLE Strategic Planning

Adaptive and VIABLE Strategic Planning

Oct 17, 2022

From the Client

The Integrated Work Team was dynamic, empathetic, and seasoned. The strategic planning project went very smoothly because they listened to us and had an intuition about the process. The VIABLE method they used was clear and straightforward. There wasn’t a thing I needed that I didn’t get!



Clear and adaptive organizational direction and actionable goals were created with the board, staff, and key stakeholders’ buy-in and engagement.


Client Industry

Public Healthcare



A new CEO had been appointed after a long-tenured CEO retired, the replacement CEO left for a new position and an interim CEO felt the position during the search. The newly appointed CEO wanted support for his leadership team and Board to align on the direction for the coming years and build interest and excitement about what the organization could achieve. The Organization requested help to support its strategic planning process.


Integrated Work’s Approach

VIABLE Strategic Planning & Implementation

Using the VIABLE strategic planning framework, our team focused early on understanding the views of various constituents. We conducted individual interviews with the Board and Senior Leadership team to surface issues, desires, and direction for the organization’s future.

We also set up brief weekly check-ins with the Senior Leadership team to keep them apprised of progress and begin to align their views with those of the Board. The new CEO came in with great ideas for organizational improvements and direction and need to harmonize those with the leadership team and Board to be successful. A complicating factor was the lack of aligned leadership due to the ongoing CEO vacancy. Even though the Senior Leadership team knew each other, the dynamic had shifted, and it was important to get to know each other and amplify their strengths so they could be powerful as a team with their new CEO.

We created opportunities for the senior team to successfully lead parts of the process, furthering their relationships with the Board members.


The Results

The resulting strategic plan was a strong reflection of the CEO, Board, and Senior Leadership team’s 3-year intention for the organization. As the Board was designing the initiatives, the Senior Leadership team worked with their teams to ensure that the details were noted and tracked; and perhaps most importantly to make sure they could deliver on them.

The Board was happy with their Strategic Plan and with the overall process. They had articulated their vision and views and seen those further defined into initiatives that the Senior Leadership team owned and were committed to implementing with their teams. They also had a cadence for review to track progress and adjust along the way.