Building Team Connection and Buy-In for Successful Strategic Plan Implementation

Building Team Connection and Buy-In for Successful Strategic Plan Implementation

Dec 29, 2022

From the Client

We are doing great as a team! Since the retreat, we have had one staff departure and welcomed three new team members. Our strategic plan continues to be the foundation for our annual planning and is now baked into the broader strategic goals for the Development department. Most importantly, though, we’ve really come together as a team both personally and professionally. In addition to our monthly “connection-building” sessions, we’ve had a few opportunities to come together in person. In those ‘live’ moments, I’ve been amazed at how easily we connect with each other and how we have full engagement from everyone on the team. I know that our time with the Integrated Work consultants really set us off on the right foot to get to where we are today!



Relationships were built, while clear organizational direction and actionable goals were created. Buy-in and engagement from the board, staff, and key stakeholders were achieved.


Client Industry

Non-profit | Environmental Law | Public Interest



The client needed to hold its first virtual retreat for a relatively new group of team members – including a few who actually were brand new. They needed to build relationships with each other and also align on a strategic plan.


Integrated Work’s Approach

VIABLE Strategic Planning & Implementation

Using the VIABLE strategic planning framework, we built in lots of time for relationship building and interaction while setting direction. We started by celebrating wins and sharing appreciation for the work they accomplished together to date. We also employed a variety of engaging activities to deepen the team’s resonance with each other.  They took a deep dive into what the organization needed from them and used this as the basis for their planning. Once their strategic direction was clear, team members took ownership of pieces of the plan and added detailed action steps.


The Results

The group began to operate as a unified team and developed a plan they felt great about implementing.