Dreaming Big 2022

Dreaming Big 2022

Jan 31, 2022

Dear ones,

This month we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I spent some time reflecting on what happens to a movement when its message goes “mainstream.”

While many Americans now remember King’s legacy fondly and the key messages from his I have a dream speech are recited by schoolchildren across the country, it’s important to remember that his legacy is also one of struggle, of speaking truth to power, and of pointing to the places where we still fall short of the dream outlined by our Founders in the Declaration of Independence to “form a more perfect union.” The work carries on.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that Dr. King made the mark he did on the world in only 39 short years. As the time since his assassination grows longer, and fewer living people can claim to have known the man in person, we must work to keep the spirit of his work and message alive. It’s far too easy for clichés to pass for the entirety of an idea, or for so much context to be stripped away from a quote that it seems to represent the opposite of its original intent. Our team shared this list of provocative quotes last week to remind us of the many messages King had for the world beyond those that are repeated most often.

Several of us also read these compelling reflections on his life and legacy:

From the Atlantic: The Second Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
From the Washington Post: Dr. King Was Bold, Don’t Make Him Bland

I was also blessed this month to have some inward time to reflect in the presence of my sisters at the Sophia Mystery School and was reminded, yet again, that quiet time is not unproductive time, but is the source of clarity, peace, and finding the strength to continue on.

On my return, I had a beautiful New Year message from Ecko Alek, founder and CEO of Sacred Matriarch Creative and Global Indigenous Lead for SheEO reminding us that this time of year has traditionally been a time for renewal and making space for new life to spring forth. Her reminder that “your magic emerges when you hold space to rest and listen” felt especially true and potent for me. We dig deeper into the value of rest to our own renewal below.

This month our team has taken some time to do the same kind of inward exploring and we’re excited to share our reflections on the year and some inspiration about what we’re reading.

We also pick up the thread of “professionalism” through the lens of JEDI-aware facilitation and share some of what we’re learning about braille accessibility as we continue to grow together on our own JEDI Journey (more about that next month!)… until then, we hope you find time for rest and renewal so that you can hear the voice of magic speaking.