Best Practices: Keeping it Engaging

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After many virtual meetings in a day, it’s important to keep things engaging. Virtual meetings can be draining in a way in-person meetings aren’t!

  • Use tactile objects to engage more sense during the session. For example, have meeting participants hold and show an object from their home that connects to some part of the meeting agenda.
  • Send participants fidgets such as putty and other items to keep hands busy during the meeting.
  • Incorporate visuals, audio files, music, videos, and infographics.
  • Ask participants to lead different parts of the meeting.
  • Designate a co-facilitator for the meeting if there’s lots of content delivery, as a back and forth is more engaging than a single speaker.


  • Have time to build relationships. People are more likely to engage when they know someone.

 Remember adult learning principles: five to seven minutes of instruction and then plan for interactivity from participants