Celebrating Earth Month — and Working for the Future of Our Planet Year-Round

Celebrating Earth Month — and Working for the Future of Our Planet Year-Round

Apr 21, 2023

In our partnerships with clients, Integrated Work co-creates solutions to help build a more just and flourishing future. That includes collaborating with mission-driven organizations and leaders to build high-performing teams and amplify the impact of their work on behalf of people and the planet. 

As a recent addition to the growing Certified B Corporation community, Integrated Work reinforced its commitment to stakeholders — workers, community, customers, and the environment — and its focus on measuring and managing our environmental and social impact. (Take a look at our initial impact measurements in our B Impact Assessment results.) 

We know that high-impact work often happens at system-scale and have been honored to partner with environmental organizations working across the spectrum of conservation, education, and eco-innovation efforts. From small, local non-profits to large organizations with global reach, we are always moved by the dedication they show to building a more sustainable future. 

By bringing a JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) lens to everything we do, Integrated Work also helps advance the B Corp pillar value of climate justice. This means addressing climate issues while centering and collaborating with the communities that climate change typically affects first and worst.

Both with our clients and internally, Integrated Work focuses on creating positive impact for stakeholders throughout the year. This month, Integrated Work recognizes Earth Month and honors the planet that we all call home by highlighting some of our work that supports environmental initiatives. 

Client partnerships: In collaboration with the Center for Nature and Leadership, Integrated Work supports its nature-based leadership programs that incorporate ancient wisdom to tackle current challenges. Other Integrated Work clients dedicated to environmental causes and issues:

  • The Nature Conservancy has a focus on conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.
  • Earthjustice is a nonprofit public interest environmental law organization that aims to protect the planet and people in court cases.  
  • Floodplains by Design is a public-private partnership in Washington state working to transform how floodplains are managed so that communities and the environment can thrive together.

The Carbon Almanac: A large percentage of the Integrated Work team supported the writing, production, and current promotion of The Carbon Almanac, an all-volunteer effort that provides information and resources to stimulate action toward a beneficial shift in our environmental trajectory. Kate Shervais was among the Integrated Work team members who contributed to the project.  “One of the things that is most valuable is seeing how people learn in real-time to collaborate without knowing much about each other, coming from different countries, cultures, and work backgrounds,” Shervais said. “Most work is coordinated asynchronously via notion and discourse, and provides a live case study on meaningful, aligned, streamlined collaboration.” Learn more about the Integrated Work team’s almanac experience in this video with Integrated Work CEO Jennifer Simpson and Seth Godin, who launched the project. 

Office impact: The Integrated Work office in Boulder, Colorado, uses smart lighting and climate controls to help reduce energy consumption, and our recycling and composting facilities help to reduce waste. 

Sustainable Development Goals: The B Corp community has committed to using the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as key progress metrics. The 17 goals take aim at some of the largest global challenges, from hunger to gender equity to decent work and economic growth. Integrated Work is using a free online tool called the SDG Action Manager to map our strategic objectives to the SDGs. The SDG Action Manager was developed by the U.N. Global Company and B Lab, the organization that oversees B Corp Certification. 

As we move forward in our work with clients and the B Corp community, Integrated Work will continue supporting and contributing to impact improvement with a focus on a more resilient and just future. For updates on our work and our people-first approach, subscribe to our monthly newsletter!