Planning to Host a Virtual Event or Vendor Fair? Read this First!

Planning to Host a Virtual Event or Vendor Fair? Read this First!

Aug 31, 2020

by: Roma G Velasco

You don’t have to postpone or cancel your upcoming conference or vendor fair due to ongoing public health concerns.  It is possible to create a terrific virtual experience for your attendees.  We know, because we’ve been there.  We’ve successfully taken countless in-person gatherings virtual while maintaining engagement and genuine human connection –  and we’ve helped other organizations accomplish the same.  Because we love sharing what we know, here are some things to ponder when planning your virtual event.

WHY are you bringing these people together? Why are they gathering? What’s the desired outcome?

HOW are you going to bring participants together? What type of virtual meeting will it be – a conference, a vendor fair, a workshop, or something else?

WHO are your attendees? Most importantly, remember that participants are human first, so take time to create space for people to connect.

WHEN should you schedule your meeting or event? Be mindful of people’s energy during different parts of the day, consider time zones if needed, and plan engaging activities to keep attendees energized.

WHAT tools and activities should you use? Consider selecting tools and activities that best meet the needs of your group, giving special consideration to their technological skill level and temperament.

Lastly, build a facilitation plan that details all the facilitation and technology aspects of your event and assign specific responsibilities to team members.

If you want to learn more about how to lead a socially connected and engaging virtual event, check out our self-paced course here.  We also provide coaching and consulting to teams planning for a specific event, and, if you are looking to create a vendor fair, we have some easy-to-use options with a platform called eZ-XPO. Check it out here.

At Integrated Work, we’ve combined our human-first approach with technology to successfully lead and facilitate virtual meetings and events for mission-driven organizations.

Contact us to find out more about how we might help you make your upcoming virtual event or meeting memorable and engaging.