Darrie Matthew Burrage


Darrie strives to facilitate interactions that make impactful and positive differences in the lives of others. He demonstrates leadership and a vision that connects us and inspires action and structural change. He’s committed to establishing environments that represent, uplift, and respond to our diverse global society. Fostering experiential opportunities to build practical skills and deepen character principles is one of his many talents. 

His approach as a leader can move people (in perspective, in feeling, and in pursuit); and have people believe that they are able to accomplish the same toward others. He seeks to build other leaders and takes great responsibility to influence the joy others experience in their work, their ability to perform at their best, and their motivation to uphold a shared vision and values. He stands alongside our clients in deep partnership and settles for nothing less than excellence. He approaches work in this way because he believes in the value of teams and what they can accomplish when working toward a shared goal. Deepening the quality and impact of his leadership is a continuous practice.