Trent Norman

Senior Consultant & JEDI Co-Lead

Trent created, directed, and established a theatre for social change program at the University of Colorado that created a way for participants to engage Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in innovative and creative ways. This program became an important place to create and explore a sense of belonging. This program grew into Affinity Arts Consulting. Trent’s practice includes a strong belief in creativity, mentoring, finding and shining light on connections, engaging challenges with compassion, creativity and inquiry, and a dedication to belief in the human spirit. He speaks with intention, listens to get to a deeper level of experience and works to put people and communities before ego. His passion for JEDI goes beyond titles and job descriptions and is based in his desire to make the world a better place. Trent is a creative thinker and theatre maker, writing and directing thoughtful, engaging, impactful, and transformative work. His collaborative approach to creative work fosters an environment of learning and growth for everyone involved: performers, facilitators, and audience. Trent works to make complex and polarized concepts and translates them in compassionate ways that bring people together. Trent always strives to transform human connections with his head (grasp of theory), heart (humanizing pedagogies), and hands (agility with interactive educational sketches and theatre). He holds space for people to show up in all of their wholeness and authenticity while finding ways to unearth any tensions and challenges, and develop them into opportunities for learning and light.

Trent’s received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature and Theatre Performance and a Master of Science is in Social Psychology; focusing his energies on group dynamics and facilitation. Trent continued his love of theatre as the co-founder and director of the University of Colorado’s Interactive Theatre Project and Affinity Arts Consulting (AAC). Through AAC, Trent has created and facilitated performances about social issues for a variety of audiences including restorative justice practitioners, national and international university conferences, first year student orientations, K-12 teacher educators, sexual assault prosecutor and support services and environmental justice advocates; using theatre to engage audiences in learning and information sharing. He has served as the Assistant Director for Organizational Diversity at the University of Colorado Boulder. Trent, with colleague Rebecca Brown Adelman, received the NYU Steinhart excellence award for innovative theatre practices. Trent has published and leads workshops on facilitating diversity and inclusion practices. Trent participated in the Social Justice Training Institute (as a participant and intern); has been certified to train in the NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute) model; has a training certificate from NCORE (National Conference On Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education) and completed the Social Justice Education Training Certificate from NCORE. Trent is also a professional photographer, writer, ski instructor and avid cyclist. Trent shares his life with his wife/partner Nina and their two children.