Hosting a Socially Connected & Engaging Virtual Vendor Fair

Hosting a Socially Connected & Engaging Virtual Vendor Fair

Jun 12, 2020

By: Roma G Velasco

Here at Integrated Work, we are continuously exploring and discovering new tools and ways to host events for our clients. We love to discover platforms that allow us to design low risk environments like this virtual vendor fair –  a wonderful and engaging way to highlight your partners in a virtual world.

Here are some things to consider when selecting a platform to host your first virtual vendor fair

  1. Define the size and scope of your virtual vendor fair.
    • Determine if adding a virtual event platform other than a video conferencing tool could add value to your attendees’ experience and if the cost of it can be supported by the value a vendor will receive in a dedicated space.
  2. Determine the ease of use for vendors and the organizer.
    • Is the platform easy to learn and setup? If it requires complicated back-end work, the time and  energy it could require from the organizers and vendors to set up may outweigh the benefits they will receive; making the experience feel daunting and a drain on resources.
  3. Ease of use for Attendees.
    • When selecting a platform and designing your first virtual fair, think about user experience first.
    • A new tool or platform can make some users anxious. Make sure that your virtual fair is easy to navigate by testing it out thoroughly. Consider the  amount of scrolling, clicking, and the time it takes to go from one area to another. So, test, test, test! And, if you decide to move forward with a specific platform remember to give the users (attendees) access to real time or asynchronous support so they understand how to navigate the site.
    • Design the environment to mimic real-life locations and/or rooms through images, themes, and backgrounds. Keep it simple, clean, and not distracting.
    • Get user feedback. Due to individual user-orientation, we all experience applications/ platforms differently from logging in to navigating through an application. If possible, aim for a platform that is accessible and usable to diverse users.
  1. Features to look for:
    • A way to manage vendors, attendees, and sponsors
    • Customizable booth banners
    • Ability to showcase and upload videos
    • Customizable theme and background for each vendor booth
    • Chat capability
    • Having a video conference tool in the platform is a plus
    • Importable/exportable attendee list
    • Usage reports for booths and attendees and the ability to track and analyze the activities on your virtual event

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