CHC Fight for Good During COVID

CHC Fight for Good During COVID

Apr 24, 2021

Fight for Good”, a documentary about both the miracle of the modern healthcare system and its enduring challenges with implicit bias and systemic racism, follows the heartfelt stories of an executive at the Community Health Center of Buffalo and two physicians, all women of color as they give voice to their common humanity, including deeply held and rarely spoken fears of personal vulnerability and loss. Despite the disproportionate impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on communities of color, these brave leaders are still left with an unshakable belief that the fight for good is both righteous and winnable.

This 22 minute film will both challenge you by laying bare the lived realities of people of color as they navigate often inequitable access to care, and uplift you as you hear firsthand from front-line champions fighting the good fight and making a difference that matters.