Online Course: Inclusive Leadership

Online Course: Inclusive Leadership

Jan 11, 2021

Are you interested in deepening your understanding of the power of inclusivity in the workplace and how to deliver it as a leader? Dr. Brenda J. Allen, University of Colorado, Boulder professor emerita of organizational communication, former vice-chancellor of diversity and inclusion, and author of the groundbreaking book Difference Matters is offering an online, self-paced, and free of charge course designed for current or future leaders in ANY type of workplace, and ANY leadership role. Dr. Allen works with an expanded definition of inclusivity that takes into account dominant and non-dominant groups.

The course is co-sponsored by the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is organized into bite-sized videos, articles, and quizzes that reinforce key concepts. While there is a recommended completion time of four weeks, you can engage in the material at any pace that suits you. You can also earn a certificate (with a $49.95 charge) if that is of interest. Learn more about the course here. Or watch this introductory video.

Enjoy the journey!