Putting JEDI Concepts Into Practice to Empower Organizational Change

Putting JEDI Concepts Into Practice to Empower Organizational Change

Jul 1, 2024

Learn how our Diversity @ Work course teaches justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) through an interactive and introspective experience.

Creating more inclusive and equitable workplaces benefits people as well as the bottom line. When leaders create conditions where people feel cared for and heard, they also nurture innovation and creativity that can help drive systemic change.

Integrated Work’s new Diversity @ Work course aims to support that change by building knowledge of the concepts of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) through an interactive and introspective experience. With case studies featuring eight characters at a fictitious workplace called Harmony Innovations, the course goes beyond theoretical exercises to deepen learning on JEDI-related concepts. The four-module course is built around mantras from Integrated Work CEO Jennifer Lyn Simpson’s book the KOAN method: HIKE, CARE, HEAL, and SUCCEED. 

Through narratives featuring typical workplace interactions — such as video chats, emails, and meeting discussions — course participants explore JEDI concepts right alongside the Harmony Innovations characters. Throughout the course, the characters develop and advance policy updates and new company products, have discussions that reflect broader ways of thinking, and take steps to create a more inclusive, equitable workplace.

The identities of each character vary in race, gender, ability, age, sexual orientation, and other features of personhood. In the context of JEDI work, identity refers to the multifaceted aspects that shape an individual’s sense of self and how they are perceived by others within social, cultural, and organizational contexts. Below, get a sampling of each mantra-based module and how one of the Harmony Innovations characters brings JEDI concepts to life.

Module One: Begin Your JEDI Journey with a HIKE

As Harmony Innovations begins its own JEDI journey, Aleksandr questions how it will affect day-to-day aspects of the business, although he remains open to promising possibilities. Through conversations with co-workers and other interactions, he begins to connect the JEDI concepts with elements of his work, including the way he thinks about user experience and designing for different audiences.

This module explores the HIKE mantra: Hubris, Insights, Knowledge, Effective. For Aleksandr, that includes a shift from “Insight to Inquiry” as he learns a different way of considering and talking about website design.

Module Two: Creating Containers of CARE on Your JEDI Journey

Leaders and teams that acknowledge employees’ lived experiences can foster psychologically safe workplaces that help nurture creativity. This is illustrated by Rita’s reaction to a colleague’s comment during a meeting. In the days that follow, she explores her reaction with others at Harmony Innovations.

This module explores the CARE mantra: Connection, Affirmation, Regulation, Empowerment. For Rita, that means connecting with others who affirm her experience, which helps her regulate her emotions and empowers her to collaborate with her colleague who made the initial comment.

Module Three: The Power of HEALing on Your JEDI Journey

It can be challenging to change the established ways of doing things. As Harmony Innovations moves forward on its JEDI journey, the company’s leaders see a need to update the parental leave policy. As part of this change, Priya shares her support for the change in an email. 

Module There here explores the HEAL mantra: History, Empathy, Action, and Leadership. For Priya, that reflects a conversation with a colleague who could benefit from the parental leave policy change and taking empathetic action.

Module Four: Ensuring Sustainable Success on Your JEDI Journey

As Harmony Innovations approaches the end of its facilitated JEDI learning experience, Asher and others on the team are working on several updates. These include developing a new recruitment and retention policy, launching a mentoring program, and hiring for the new role of Director of Quality. 

This module explores the SUCCEED mantra: Strategies, Understanding, Cultivating, Championing, Excellence, Equity, Diversity. For Asher, that includes a focus on strategies for understanding that cultivate and champion excellence and equity — creating a more inclusive and welcoming workplace for all people.

Using the examples from the Diversity @ Work characters as realistic learning experiences, course participants can incorporate new awareness of the JEDI concepts into their everyday work — and help bring about the change needed to shape workplaces that embody inclusion and equity.

Explore how your team can move forward on its JEDI Journey with the Diversity @ Work course!

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