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How to Lead When Everything is Broken

Trauma-Informed Leadership

Register now to join us at 1 p.m. MT February 28 for an exclusive FREE webinar with Integrated Work CEO Jennifer Lyn Simpson and our special guest, the remarkable speaker, writer, podcaster, and workplace innovator Sophie Wade.

This is the first in a series of live conversations exploring concepts in Jen’s book, the KOAN method: Breakthrough Leadership for a Divided World. The live conversations are part of KOAN Conversations, a community and content series designed for leaders ready to connect, innovate, and inspire.

Whether you’re a leader by profession, choice, or circumstance, this webinar is a call to action and a beacon of hope. Don’t miss the chance to delve into Jen and Sophie’s insightful ideas and be part of this conversation that promises breakthroughs.

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Learn More About Our Guest

Sophie Wade, is a work futurist, international keynote speaker, founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Flexcel Network who is an authority on Future-of-Work issues.

Her book, Empathy Works: The Key to Competitive Advantage in the New Era of Work is an invaluable resource for both established and rising executives and managers, Empathy Works provides you with essential insights and knowledge to adapt, thrive, and grow―no matter what the future holds.

Sophie is a LinkedIn Instructor with SHRM-certified video courses. Her five courses cover Future of Work skills, Generation Z (with a skills-first approach), and Empathy which over 550,000 have taken. Her courses have been translated into six languages. She has a widely-popular podcast “Transforming Work with Sophie Wade”.

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the KOAN method: Breakthrough Leadership for a Divided World confronts the failure of yesterday’s models of leading and organizing to solve today’s most pressing problems and makes the case for a new and better way.