Jennifer Lyn Simpson, PhD

Leader, Visionary, & Author


About Jennifer

Jennifer Lyn Simpson, Ph.D. (she/her) is Integrated Work’s CEO.  She developed the KOAN method as an outgrowth of more than 30 years of working in and with organizations across the private, public, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors to create more meaningful and effective ways of living and working together across differences.

She is an author, artist, entrepreneur, and idealist whose vision includes the integration of creativity and personal inquiry as catalysts for individual and collective transformation.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, a Masters and Doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder and continues her own learning and development by regularly participating in immersive experiential leadership and JEDI programs.

She still teaches University classes, works with executives committed to evolving their organizations to meet a changing world, and develops and delivers transformational experiences that help people amplify their impact by being more human, together.

About the KOAN method

the KOAN method: Breakthrough Leadership for a Divided World confronts the failure of yesterday’s models of leading and organizing to solve today’s most pressing problems and makes the case for a new, and better, way.

In Zen Buddhism, a KOAN is a saying or mantra designed to demonstrate the inadequacy of logical reasoning for achieving enlightenment.

The KOAN concept is also a helpful framework for imagining new models for living and organizing in Kind, Open, Adaptive, Networks.

Rooted both in ancient wisdom, and cutting-edge research, the KOAN method  gives us an alternative model for evaluating and evolving how we come together as humans to solve the important issues facing our world today.

If you are ready to build a better way of leading and organizing, you are not alone, and there is a way.

Thanks for taking the first step.

Let’s go.