the KOAN method

Reading List

013 – Jennifer Lyn Simpson and Stanley Deetz. (Re)defining Cultural Change inOrganizations

Simpson, Jennifer L. and Stanley Deetz. “(Re)defining Cultural Change in
Organizations: Structural Determinants at Play.” In Abrapcorp’s 15th anniversary
Commemorative Book, edited by F. Lima, M. Kunsch and A. Sampaio. Bahia/Brazil:
Edufba, 2022.

New models of organizational change are needed to foster the learning and agility needed today. The most effective change processes have high degrees of multilevel, multiple stakeholder involvement from the very beginning and rethink old systems, replacing them with more human-first, open and adaptive, networked systems. The authors of (Re)defining Cultural Change in Organizations, Jennifer Simpson, PhD and Stan Deetz, PhD, share principles that are apt to become best practices for leaders to craft the next era of effective organizational change needed to meet the demands of an ever-changing environment.