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034 – Chantal Pierrat and Jennifer Lyn Simpson. Leveraging the Power of We

Pierrat, Chantal, and Jennifer Simpson. “Leveraging the Power of We.”
Emerging Women, 2019.

Leveraging the Power of We

An Emerging Women White Paper

Are you a CEO, Senior Manager or Board Member frustrated with the slow pace of change in gender diversity at your organization and asking, “Where are the women?”

Or a dedicated HR, Diversity or Talent and Development Executive, passionate about creating lasting cultural change and jump-starting the numbers of women advancing and succeeding in leadership?

Then, Emerging Women’s, “The Power of We” White Paper offers the research and inspiration you need to invigorate your case and build a new leadership paradigm within your organization.

After running innovative programs for over 400 corporate professionals – both men and women – Emerging Women is ready to share its unique talent development approach.

Discover the model, methodology, and secret sauce.