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093 – Open IDEO. Immunization Innovation Lab

“Immunization Innovation Lab. An Accelerator to Support Local Innovators
in East Africa, Empowering Caregivers and Communities in Public Health.” Open
IDEO. 2019.

Vaccines allow people around the world to lead full and healthy lives.

The reality: globally, 1 in 10 infants still does not receive all their vaccines—mostly in the world’s poorest and most historically under-invested communities (Source: WHO). Despite many organizations focusing their efforts and resources toward this issue, meeting the needs of un/under immunized children and caregivers remains a pressing challenge.
Through the Empowering Caregivers in Immunization Challenge, launched in 2019, IDEO and the Gates Foundation convened nearly 20,000 change-makers from over 120 countries aroundthe world. The goal was to support the adherence of vaccine immunizations within regions that have not yet reached equity in access or distribution. Together, the global community tackled this design challenge:

How might we empower caregivers to seek and fully utilize immunization services in their communities?

Following the Challenge, five promising innovations were invited to join the IDEO Immunization Innovation Lab. This program supported their implementation in East Africa via additional funding, mentorship coaching, and design collaboration. Founded upon the belief that people’s experiences, perceptions, and preferences are critical to bringing about the behavior change needed to bridge the immunization gap, the five-month accelerator program took a human-centered approach to shift health ecosystems in the region.

These learnings culminated in a Report that presents key challenges faced by early-stage organizations across East Africa, opportunity areas for support from stakeholders—from policymakers to the philanthropic sector—and growth outcomes from each team. From a young Maasai mother in rural Tanzania, to a clinician rebuilding healthcare systems in Somalia, the Report also highlights the human stories of brave caregivers and clinicians, and the community advocates that support them.