Leading Virtually, 3-part Series

Leading Virtually, 3-part Series

Mar 20, 2020

Leading Virtually, 3-part Series

by: Jennifer Simpson

Due to the popularity of this series we are offering it again.

March 31st  |  April 1st |  April 2nd

In 2020 working remotely and leading virtually are already commonplace for many, but the fast spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19), now officially labeled a global pandemic, is resulting in travel restrictions, work-from-home requirements, school and business closures, event cancellations, and unknown economic impacts on a scale most of us have never experienced. Whether you are already comfortable working and leading virtually, or it is a new skillset you are having to learn fast, this series can help you adapt more easily to these unforeseen circumstances.

Integrated Work has been leading virtual teams, working across large distances, and hosting large-scale events on-line for well over a decade. We’ve pulled some of our top lessons-learned together in this three-part interactive experience to share key insights, offer practical tips, tricks, and tools for keeping virtual meetings engaging, and serve as a sounding board for your top-of-mind questions. Sign up for the one that suits you best or join us for all three.

All sessions will also include Q&A time at the end.

Join all three sessions of Leading Virtually on March 31st [1:30-3 MT], April 1st [10:30-12 MT] and April 2nd [11:30-1 MT]! Follow this link.

Individual sessions may also be purchased separately by following the links below.

Session 1: Leading Virtual Meetings that Engage and Inspire 1:30-3 MT 3/1

• Learn the key principles that make an on-line meeting engaging vs exhausting

• Explore how to match the many virtual meeting tools to your unique needs

• Discover specific strategies for accomplishing your goals at a distance

Session 2: Effective Virtual Team Collaboration 10:30-12 MT 4/1

• Learn what helps and hinders getting work done well together remotely

• Identify different strategies for staying connected and collaborating well

• Discuss what can be “translated” to virtual environments and what needs to change

Session 3: Hosting Dynamic Events at a Distance 11:30-1 MT 4/2

• Learn how to deliver conferences and larger events virtually

• Explore how to create connection and intimacy for large groups at a distance

• Examine creative strategies for re-imagining your events rather than cancelling

And, if you want more targeted coaching or advising on how to host a big meeting or event on-line, or need virtual facilitation training or support for your team, contact us to explore how we might help turn this pressing problem into an opportunity for innovative solutions.


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