On Demand Coaching Packages for Health Center Leaders 

On Demand Coaching Packages for Health Center Leaders 

Jun 8, 2020

 More flexible options now available…Member rates apply!   

Given the impact of COVID-19 on health centers, NACHC is offering Ad-hoc Individual Coaching Packages! Now choose from their new 1 – 6 session Ad-hoc individual package or  standard 6-session individual package. 

NACHC continues to partner with coaches at Integrated Work who are world-class at creating the conditions for thought-provoking conversations that produce breakthrough results. Their approach to coaching is one of deep partnership and trust, allowing them to go deep fast, and support sustained results. Integrated Work takes clients through a series of conversations with enough structure to move them forward with the adequate flexibility to address whatever presents itself in the moment. 

Wondering if coaching would benefit you and your team? Here are a few questions you might ask yourself:  

  • What matters most right now? What do you want to influence? 
  • What is unclear? Where are you stuck?  
  • What could you or your team achieve if energy was focused toward the items above? 

Click here for more information or to sign up today. 

For more information about Leadership Coaching Services, email: trainings@nachc.org. 

To find out more about NACHC training opportunities, visit: http://www.nachc.org/trainings-and-conferences/.