Partnership: Center for Nature and Leadership + Integrated Work

Partnership: Center for Nature and Leadership + Integrated Work

Feb 10, 2021

Integrated Work is excited to be partnering with the Center for Nature and Leadership (CNL), a leadership incubator and national community of women designed to translate personal expertise and insight into impact for communities and organizations across the world.


Our CEO, Jennifer Simpson, first participated in a CNL program in 2014 and began guiding Nature-based Leadership programs in partnership with their founder, Beverly Winterscheid, in 2016.  Our partnership with them will bring the best that both organizations have to offer to leaders doing meaningful work in the world as we work to amplify our impact, together.


CNL is not your typical Leadership Development Organization! Using principles of nature-based leadership, their work taps into ancient wisdom and makes it relevant to leaders tackling today’s greatest challenges. With nature as the greatest mentor, and using the latest professional development tools, these principles help leaders explore new ways of being in relationship with themselves, their work, each other, and the land.


Nature-based leadership leverages the practice of connecting to yourself and your surroundings, exploring the impact of your actions on your life, relationships, organizations, communities, and perhaps, even on life itself. By merging experiential leadership development tools, ecopsychology, mindfulness practices, and sensory immersion in natural settings, the Center for Nature and Leadership has created a model of leadership development that helps translate personal insight into focused, amplified impact.


At Integrated Work, we have partnered with socially-conscious, purpose-driven leaders for nearly 23 years to make a bigger difference in our lives and work—joining forces with CNL will help us do that in even more interesting ways in the months and years ahead…


We will be exploring the dimensions of our partnership in the coming months. If you want to keep up to date on our partnership with CNL, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Linkedin, Facebook, or Instagram