Services to Deliver your Best

Services to Deliver your Best

Apr 9, 2020

Services to Deliver your Best

by: Catherine Saar

During this pandemic, we are hearing tales of woe from all kinds of organizations who are struggling to make a nimble transition from hosting in-person meetings to hosting online and virtual events.  If you are new to translating convenings into virtual space, that can feel like a daunting task. 

Because Integrated Work has been leading virtual teams, working across large distances, and hosting large-scale events on-line for well over a decade, we are now able to offer our services to mission driven organizations, that may wish to quickly develop skills and expertise in this area, or would appreciate support in  reimagining  a fast approaching face to face event and deliver it virtually.   

 Here are some of the ways we are available to support you to meet your needs: 

  • Our Leading Virtuallyonline and self-paced course  can help to orient you to working in a virtual world and build your online delivery muscle.
  • We offer targeted consultation on how to pivot to online service delivery in a whole range of ways, whether you are suddenly faced with moving training programs online or looking for creative ways to reach your customers or members, our team can help you develop and deploy virtual learning solutions quickly.
    • We can consult with youand/or convert your in-person meeting or conference to a dynamic virtual experience.
    • As skilled facilitators, we can host your virtual meeting so that leaders can focus on leading their teams, not managing technology. 

We invite you to join us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your organization’s specific needs so you can pivot and deliver excellent meetings and services online. Contact us to find a time to chat and read more about our offerings here.