2021: A Year of Gratitude and Hope

2021: A Year of Gratitude and Hope

Jan 15, 2021

Welcome, 2021!

What a year we have just weathered together.  As we turn the page on the calendar, and begin to look ahead, we can take comfort in the growing hope that before this year is done, we will have come out the other side of the pandemic and will have begun to find our way to a different normal.

Meanwhile, we know that this year will hold its own challenges as we try to heal the vast political divides in this country, continue the long work of social-justice and anti-racism, address pervasive and growing environmental crises, and build the bridges within and across organizations from neighborhood schools to the space-sector that will help people make a bigger difference, together.

At Integrated Work, we feel privileged to serve and support the people doing that meaningful work every day.  We often get to have a front-row seat to real transformation and are routinely awed by the diligence and hard work of these changemakers.

In the last year alone, we have worked with each of the organizations below to make their mark—by growing their leadership in trying times, by engaging their stakeholders to change course or carry on in the face of wild conditions, by making caring decisions when expedient ones might have been easier.

If you work in one of these organizations, THANK YOU for trusting us to be your partner on this journey.  We hope you enjoy seeing the company you keep and learning of the exciting things they are doing.  If we didn’t work alongside you this year, we hope you will still take a moment to explore some of the great work these wonderful organizations are doing.

And, as we embark, all together, on the year ahead, let’s remember that none of us gets anywhere meaningful alone.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”

~African Proverb

May 2021 be a year to remember for far better reasons than last year was…


Jennifer Simpson

CEO | Integrated Work


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