Integrated Work Turns 22!

Integrated Work Turns 22!

Apr 28, 2020

by: Jessica Hartung

Integrated Work celebrates our 22nd Anniversary on April 28th!  Occasions like these provide us a moment to reflect upon and appreciate the many, many people who have helped our company thrive, and remind us to celebrate the purposes for which we stand.

Clients, employees, partners, family members, and fans have given us grace, helped us forward, and created opportunities for us to fulfill our purpose. Genuine purpose attracts great people to think and learn together, and Integrated Work’s focus on supporting the growth of leaders by offering peer learning, collaboration, and innovation is relevant at any time, and feels especially so during a global crisis.

These are times of change, a time for self-aware, and for ethical leaders to rise and influence our future. We stand poised to support those who hear the call to lead and in so doing, we put our ideals into action.

We invite you to think back to when you were turning 22 — what was important to you then?  At 22, we are old enough to have accumulated meaningful experience in the world, and young enough to reimagine our future for many years to come.  It’s fun to look at what has changed, observe what has stayed the same, and imagine what is yet to be.

We are all in the midst of a massive, daily work life integration experiment on how to manage, lead, and work well at home.  In this moment, we have come full circle. Integrated Work started out from a home office, and now, 22 years later, we are all working from our home offices!  We feel fortunate that we continue to thrive even as profound changes unfold around us. We are grateful for our amazing clients and the creative solutions we design and bring to life together. Thank you, truly, for journeying with us.

As we celebrate together, may we all grow wiser, stronger, and more connected in service!