Being Resilient in Challenging Times

Being Resilient in Challenging Times

Mar 17, 2020

Being Resilient in Challenging Times

by: Dianne Dickerson

It’s an interesting time to be a Seattleite. Schools, restaurants and bars are closed, events canceled, grocery store shelves have  gaps where toilet paper and hand sanitizer usually sit. You may be in a similar situation , and somehow we must go on and find a way to be courageous during a  time of uncertainty.  How can we  be resilient in the face of something most of us have never experienced? At Integrated Work, we have worked virtually for quite some time, and this pandemic is calling upon us to up our game and  to deploy additional strategies to help keep us moving forward and positive.  Here is some of the learning we can offer to help you navigate in your world in this challenging time:

Stay connected – even  if you are practicing social distancing and working from home, check in with your co-workers on a personal level.  How are they feeling, does everyone have what they need? If everyone is basically okay,  you can move on to sharing about what you are working on. What needs attention today, what can you move forward? Remember the adage, “people won’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Take breaks – in times of stress, a walk around the block can be just what you need. Let fresh air and nature work their magic and remind you that a lot of things are the same as always.  Build new habits with your calendar.  Back-to-back meetings are hard enough when you get to walk down the hall or across the building for them.  If you are stuck at your computer all day they can be brutal.  Block 15-30 minute breaks on your calendar to get up, stretch, refill your water, and shift your perspective.  The time you do spend “on task” will be better for it.

Attend to your nervous system -. Make sure your newsfeed supports you!  if you find yourself in a fear response, take a break from the news and look for helpful actions to take. Consider supporting others too.  If there are vulnerable people in your world send them a text or give them a call to see if they need anything. Just knowing you thought of them can make a real difference.

If this time is challenging your ability to stay connected and productive at work, seek support. Here are some ways that our team at Integrated Work  can help:

  • Check out our Leading Virtually webinar series
  • Consider a coaching call to explore what will help your organization move forward even in a time like this. Having a sounding board can help you get clear on your own priorities and stay grounded in what matters most.
  • Before you cancel, consider having your big meeting virtually. We specialize in helping groups of people create their futures together and we are skilled at doing that virtually as well as in-person. We’d be happy to design and facilitate your meeting or provide thought partnership so you can do it well yourself. Let’s connect and talk it over.

And if you find yourself with time to read, here are some recommended favorites that have supported us, and that may support you as well:

The New Leadership Literacies, Thriving in a Future of Extreme Disruption and Distributed Everything by Bob Johansen.

Resilient, How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength and Happiness by Rick Hanson, PhD with Forrest Hanson.

Our hope is that when we all look back on this disruptive time, there will be great stories to tell of taking care of ourselves and each other in ways that made us stronger, more connected and more resilient for whatever lies ahead. This time will change us, it’s up to us to determine how.