Finding Time for Fun: Creativity During Quarantine

Finding Time for Fun: Creativity During Quarantine

Apr 18, 2020

Finding Time for Fun: Creativity During Quarantine

by: Catherine Saar

As we continue to journey through stay-at-home orders and quarantine, we are glad to discover new ways to channel our creativity, to make hours of online meetings more enjoyable, and to find ways to conserve resources, both tangible and energetic.  Here are some new finds we are exploring.

Have an upcoming video call?  Don’t dial in from your living room. Join meetings from a galaxy far, far away with these Star Wars backgrounds.

Now that you are home more, and perhaps grocery shopping less, are you cleaning out and reorganizing your cupboards?  Here’s an opportunity to travel new culinary pathways with the stuff you are finding and forgot you even had with a cool meal building tool from Epicurious.

Feeling a little stressed or restless?  Why not take time to create or strengthen your mindfulness meditation practice with these free guided meditations from UCLA Health?

Please take care and hope you are making the most of your time, whatever you choose to do!

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