Grateful for Where We’ve Been, and Excited for Where We Are Going

Grateful for Where We’ve Been, and Excited for Where We Are Going

Nov 1, 2020

By: Catherine Saar 

This fall, 22 years after founding Integrated Work, Jessica Hartung, a pioneer in the conscious business movement, transferred ownership to Dr. Jennifer Simpson, who has been company CEO since June of 2019. This shift was co-designed for a smooth leadership transition that will serve all the stakeholders of Integrated Work.

Over the last two years, Jennifer and Jessica forged a strong collaborative working relationship, discovering surprising synchronicities, and appreciating one another’s hard-earned wisdom. “The legacy of Integrated Work is in good hands,” shares Jessica. “I am delighted by the innovations taking shape.”

Since the very beginning, the values of Integrated Work were its differentiator. Today, we share our Ideals with our clients regularly because the principles of how we do business always matter.

Our clients are on the front lines, truly advancing their fields and forging new ground in ways that make the world better. For two decades, we have thrived supporting such change-making organizations because we are always learning, growing and adapting — modeling the collaborative learning and strategic leadership that we share with others.

When Jessica started this woman-owned company from a small home office, she considered it a case study in growing a new type of organization. As it grew, it became a learning laboratory. We love sharing the insights from our journey in our blog, and in her 2019 book, The Conscious Professional: Transform Your Life at Work, Jessica shares tools for individual professional development. Jessica continues to write, speak and advise about building ethical, self-aware leaders at work and home. You can stay in touch with her at, via LinkedIn, or at her email address.

Jennifer’s creative leadership and engaging methods are a perfect fit for what our clients need in these challenging times. As a visionary leader, she continues the work of helping organizations and leaders at all levels to amplify their impact in the world. Jennifer embodies the company’s human-first ideals and has masterfully led the company to growth even through the challenges of COVID-19.

As we step wholeheartedly into this next era, you can expect us to abide by the same values and commitments that have always guided our work while stepping even more deliberately into the challenges and opportunities the future affords us.

Thank you to all of our partners who have accompanied us on this journey!