Amplify Your Impact: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work

Amplify Your Impact: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Work

Feb 3, 2021

What does leadership mean to you? Do you value innovation, productivity, and employee engagement? How does embracing diversity, equity and inclusion contribute to achieving these outcomes in the workplace?


Integrated Work and Affinity Arts Consulting are offering a 6-part leadership development series that will explore how to be an inclusive leader. This series invites leaders at all levels to understand what it really means to hold space for others, cultivate genuine curiosity and active listening skills while gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and others.


Whether you are already familiar with concepts around cultural competence, or it is a new skillset you are developing, this series can help build the capacity, courage, and confidence needed to increase your ability to effectively lead in your organization.




Session 1 – Exploring our identities

  • Our kick-off session will focus on building our framework of DEI, building connections between participants gaining a deeper understanding of who we are.


Session 2 – Understanding and practicing radical empathy

  • Understand the value empathy can bring to personal and professional relationships
  • Appreciate how others respond when engaged with empathy
  • Acquire practice techniques to develop empathy


Session 3 – Putting active listening into practice

  • Learn concrete examples of active listening
  • Practice active listening in small groups
  • Discuss strategies to improve active listening in a virtual environment


Session 4 – How to have courageous conversations

  • Learn how to ask effective questions
  • Explore various ways to create connection through dialogue and discussion
  • Examine strategies for cultivating an open and honest environment


Session 5 – How do power and privilege play into my role as a leader?

  • Understand the various ways power is used
  • Explore various ways you can leverage your privilege
  • Discuss strategies that harness your power and privilege as a leader


Session 6 – Where do we go from here?

  • How can each of us be an ally?
  • How do we begin making changes in our organizations?
  • Through reflection and discussion self-assessments, we will identify the next steps and commitments.