Creating the Best Home Office

Creating the Best Home Office

May 11, 2020

by: Roma Velasco

When stay-at-home orders came into effect, most of us who were able to work from home were suddenly tasked to figure out and find a space in our own homes to be our “home office.” If you have family members who also have to work from home and children that need to be homeschooled, finding a space for each member of your household can be challenging.  As a result, some of us are working from our bedroom, our kitchen, the basement, and for some, even an extra bathroom has been transformed into a personal phone room. In short, for most of us (with kids or without), finding a quiet space where we can remain productive and engaged has had its challenges.

In addition to our need for quiet and privacy, ergonomics and comfort are also a growing concern as we spend long hours slouched on couches, looking down at laptop screens, and typing on makeshift work desks. Here at Integrated Work, our team received a budget to help us create and set up a home office that would best meet our work-from-home needs.

Now that we’ve discovered some finds that work well for us, we’re sharing our curated list of products as a way to spur your creativity and to support you in your journey to home office comfort and ease.




Standing Desk – We really like the option of being able to stand up as well as sit down while doing our work. Check out these desks that our team is using: Powered Standing Desk 1, Powered Standing Desk 2, Pneumatic Adjustable Height Laptop Desk.

Stand-up Mat – Standing for a couple of hours can be tiring, so pairing your standing desk with a mat can help alleviate discomfort and help you ease into standing while working.

Laptop Holder / Stand – Laptop stands are great for those who use their laptop monitor as their main screen and its camera for video conferences. A stand allows your laptop’s screen and camera to be raised to eye level, taking less of a toll on your neck and shoulders. Laptop stands are best paired with an external keyboard, mouse, and/or an external trackpad. Here are three laptop stands that our team like and are using: Laptop Stand with 360 Swivel base,  Laptop Stand 360-rotating, Stationary Laptop Cooling Stand.

Lighting – Finding a spot at your home office with good lighting for all your video calls can be a struggle. Our team has been using a few different lamps to enhance our lighting. There is a selfie light that you can attach to your laptop/tablet/cellphone, a floor lamp with multiple and adjustable heads, and a desk lamp with seven brightness settings and five  color options.

Office Chair – Especially when working from home, having an office chair that really supports you can add a feeling of productivity and accomplishment. A comfortable, ergonomic, and adjustable office chair can also save you a backache! Here is a small office chair and a large office chair that our team is enjoying .  Take some time to find one that suits you.

Background Cover – Finding a consistently good place to take video calls without a distracting background can be challenging. Some of our team members came up with creative ways to cover up distracting backgrounds with these tools: 4 panel screen divider;  curtain rod and curtains installed in the ceilings to hide a storage shelf.  Of course, many online platforms like Zoom and Teams also offer virtual backgrounds you can use.




Wireless Keyboard – Wireless keyboards are a favorite in our team — less cables, more desk space! Here are some of our favorites: Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard, Apple Magic Keyboard, Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad. For added comfort,  there is a bracket that connects your Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad together.

Wireless Mouse – A wireless mouse makes a perfect pairing for all your other wireless computer devices. Due to their ergonomic design and functionality,  here are some of our team favorites: Logitech MX Mouse; and a very ergonomic wireless mouse with a trackball.

Wireless Earbuds / Wireless Headsets – Since most of our communication occurs via phone and video these days, not feeling stuck to your phone or laptop can be freeing. Our team picked a variety of wireless, Bluetooth earbuds and headsets that are not only easy and comfortable to use but also have good sound and mic quality. These include: Airpods 2nd Gen and Airpods Pro for those who want to stick with Apple products, and SoundCore Wireless Earbuds for those who want earbuds with features similar to Airpods but for a lot less investment.

We wish you much success in your hunt for the “perfect” home office and we hope our list of recommendations helps give you some ease along your journey.  Let us know what treasures you discover!