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Now more than ever, we need established facts, a common understanding across generations, and collective action.
The Carbon Almanac is a collaboration between hundreds of writers, researchers, thinkers, and illustrators.

It’s a source of reliable and easily understandable knowledge on climate change…that you can share to create meaningful impact.

Rich with essays, graphs, cartoons, tables, and resources, the Almanac provides credible and authoritative information on carbon and its impact on the climate that is easy to access and share, and that people like us can understand.

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About the Book

What is carbon, why does it matter, and why should I care?

From the Latin carbo (coal), carbon is a chemical element that is in greenhouse gasses like CO2 and methane. CO2 in the atmosphere is good at holding in heat from the Sun, and even a small increase in CO2 in the atmosphere can cause Earth to get warmer.

A warmer planet means changes to the climate and more extreme weather.

Here’s what’s true:
The science of the climate crisis.

Many things cause the climate to change and most scientists say humans contribute to that change. By driving cars, cooking, and more, we use energy. One way we get energy is by burning coal, oil, and gas, which releases gasses like CO2 into the air. Scientists think that Earth’s temperature will keep rising for the next century, making it harder for us to live on Earth.

More extreme weather means intense storms, droughts, flooding, and more.

What’s likely to occur if we choose to act now, or not?

It’s not too late. If we act and face this problem together, we can avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Our choices today affect which version of the future we live in.

How quickly sea levels rise and how dangerous weather gets depends on which path we choose to create with the world.

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