Be Human, First

We are redefining the Future of Work. Will you join us?

Integrated Work gatherings are changing the conversation on the most critical issues of our time, generating real solutions and a global network of connected, empowered leaders who are ushering in a new paradigm of abundance, mutual reciprocity and amplified impact.

Our courses grow leaders who know that solving the old problems requires listening in new ways to one another.

Our media platform is designed to feed people’s minds a healthy diet of hope, appreciation, and practical wisdom while reclaiming old stories and introducing new voices. It is empowering our own growing network to amplify their voices and make a bigger difference together too.

Our products make it easier to integrate our work into people’s daily lives at home and on the job. They are practical, whimsical, inspiring, and fun.

Our community of people feed and are fed by the ecosystem we have created. We have nurtured a tribe of artisans, each honing their own craft alongside gifted others. Each is walking an integrated path that allows them to lead richly fulfilling lives among a community of caring others who all attract abundance while making the world a better place.

We are birthing an organism, not growing an organization and invite others to walk beside us on the journey. We envision a world where each of us has more than we could ever need and the more we share our bounty, the more it is returned to us.

This is the future of work, though its design feels as old as time and very much like coming home.

Jennifer Simpson