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We love learning about how to be more effective at bringing good work into the world.  By examining ourselves and constantly learning, we feel more awake and capable of  supporting ourselves and others to make a bigger difference.  These reads are some of our favorites for developing as leaders and as people in community.  

At Integrated Work, we enjoy learning and growing as a team, and much of our facilitation work enables us to support other teams to do the same. These books inspire our creativity and shed light on new ideas that we find useful in working together as well as with our partners. 

The concept of human-first is integral to everything we do at Integrated Work. Our world view acknowledges that organizations are really a collective of individuals who make work and progress happen. To that end, we hold all individuals with respect and reverence for their unique qualities,  and endeavor to support them to be their best, most authentic selves. We are grateful for the inspiration and insights we gain from these authors and their words.

The Conscious Professional

Transform Your Life at Work

Forward-thinking professionals of all ages and all levels know that having a mindset of learning helps you to stay relevant, innovative, and creating at the top of your game. So, instead of waiting for others to provide opportunities for professional growth, you can create your own — immediately.

In The Conscious Professional, Integrated Work Founder, Jessica Hartung, outlines the micro-identity shifts that turn work into a learning laboratory—helping to build the leadership capacity needed to solve our workplace’s and the world’s most challenging problems.


Jessica’s unique approach utilizes “real-time leadership development,” using actual work challenges as the case study to grow new levels of leadership. Written for mission-driven leaders at all levels, The Conscious Professional demonstrates how the next great change in work will not be a technological jump or an engagement initiative, but a leap in human mindfulness, self-directed development, and intentional collaboration. Find out more at ConsciousProfessional.com.


There is no higher religion than human service.

— Woodrow Wilson