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Jessica Hartung

Jessica Hartung


Jessica is a pioneer in the conscious business movement, founding Integrated Work in 1998 to fulfill a vision of creating a learning laboratory that brings top-notch professional development to mission-driven leaders making the world a better place.

Working exclusively with mission-driven leaders, Jessica is known for her straightforward and compelling style that inspires individuals and teams to develop the skills necessary to meet and exceed their goals.

Designing system-level solutions that integrate multiple perspectives, and accomplish multiple objectives is a hallmark of her consulting and facilitation work. She has published numerous articles on management and leadership topics for purpose-driven professionals, in publications such as Conscious Company Magazine, Forbes, and Leader-to-Leader Journal in addition to her 2019 book, The Conscious Professional.

With twenty years of experience as a leader in collaborative professional development, Jessica has led hundreds of retreats and powerful peer learning events drawing on her depth of experience in strategic leadership.

Her views are grounded in industry research and walking-the-talk inspiration that explores new ways to build leadership capacity at work and at home. Jessica lives in Boulder with her husband, astrophysicist Dr. Steven Hartung.

The Conscious Professional

Transform Your Life at Work

Forward-thinking professionals of all ages and all levels know that having a mindset of learning helps you to stay relevant, innovative, and creating at the top of your game. So, instead of waiting for others to provide opportunities for professional growth, you can create your own — immediately.

In The Conscious Professional, Integrated Work Founder, Jessica Hartung, outlines the micro-identity shifts that turn work into a learning laboratory—helping to build the leadership capacity needed to solve our workplace’s and the world’s most challenging problems.


Jessica’s unique approach utilizes “real-time leadership development,” using actual work challenges as the case study to grow new levels of leadership. Written for mission-driven leaders at all levels, The Conscious Professional demonstrates how the next great change in work will not be a technological jump or an engagement initiative, but a leap in human mindfulness, self-directed development, and intentional collaboration. Find out more at ConsciousProfessional.com.


“The secret ingredient that makes work better isn’t outside of us; it is inside.”

— Jessica Hartung