Individual & Group Coaching

Align personal and professional growth.

Individual Coaching

Good coaching empowers you to realize your potential as you grow personally and professionally. A coach provides an unbiased sounding board when you need to make difficult decisions and chart your next steps.

Coaching & Consulting

Stay accountable

Set goals and approach them with your whole self – consistently and authentically.

Meetings & Events

Access your strengths

Gain self-knowledge that empowers you to face difficult situations with grace.

Group coaching

Strong team interactions are foundational to accomplishing organizational objectives. Group Coaching supports team cohesion, growth, and performance.

In our group coaching engagements, Integrated Work facilitators support teams to: 

  • Focus on building individual and team leadership strength, flexibility and acumen
  • Build trusting and collaborative working relationships, creating a more cohesive environment
  • Align work areas and develop new opportunities with the organization’s vision, goals, and context
  • Share tools, models, strategies, and resources for better understanding personal and interdependent challenges and opportunities to achieve organizational objectives
  • Hold targeted group discussions to generate new perspectives, options, and plans
  • Apply new skills to day-to-day situations, trying and testing new approaches to achieve better results
  • Address specific challenges or situations, create solutions that work, and extract guiding principles that can be applied to other situations

Are you ready to transform?

What We Do
We believe that personal and organizational transformation happens best when our work is integrated.

Only then are we able to bring our whole selves forward. At Integrated Work, our ideals guide everything we do.

When we coach, we will:
Be in integrity, always.

We will be candid and caring in our feedback to support your growth.

Act with a heart of service.

We will work in ways that are rewarding, even when it’s hard.

Amplify your impact.

Our coaching work is designed to help you make a bigger difference.

Grow together.

Humans are never “done” and we believe we serve you best by growing alongside you.

Treat you as a human first.

We all do our best work when we can be our best selves.

“Coaching provided me with very successful approaches on how to engage staff and work more effectively with my board of directors.  It’s really helpful to do a deep dive, reflect, and put challenges into words to explore root issues.”

– Senior Executive, Primary Care Organization