Peer Network Improvement  

Access the power of peer learning for improved outcomes.

Peer network improvement coaching

supports membership organizations and associations to improve their skills at accessing the power of peer networks to increase connection, foster shared learning, and improve outcomes.

Integrated Work has decades of experience developing and maximizing the benefit of peer learning networks as a means to harness the power of collaborative thinking that advances systemwide change with peer groups internal to an organization, as well as those from across organizations that share common goals.  Progress made through peer network improvement coaching includes facilitation skills improvement, tools for increasing participant engagement, and system, process, and structure building to support peer collaboration.

Our improvement coaching program includes a peer network assessment and improvement plan along with customized coaching and/or training sessions based on that plan. We use the following Integrated Work model to support you through the research, design and development, activation, delivery, and impact measurement phases of peer network building.

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“It has been such a great learning experience for me and the staff who participated. Real world experience and role modeling during our sessions were most valuable and we all got great tips and tricks that will serve us well going forward.”

– Peer Network Improvement Participant