Strategic Planning & Implementation

Set the right goals for the long and short term.

Good strategic planning

empowers you to move boldly into the future. We’ll work with you to develop and implement a VIABLETM strategic plan that will provide clear organizational direction aligned with your purpose, and serve as a compass for your board, your staff, and key stakeholders.

Coaching & Consulting

Clarify direction & alignment

Plan, document, and implement a set of common goals for the organization.

Meetings & Events

Prepare for transformation

Agree on intended outcomes and results.

Meetings & Events

Gain a competitive advantage

Set priorities, focus energy and resources, and strengthen operations.

DEI Programs

Our Approach

The Integrated Work approach to Strategic Planning and Implementation uses our VIABLETM Strategy Model.

A Strategy is VIABLE if

  • Your VISION is clear and compelling
  • You have articulated IDEALS that will inform choices and guide behavior
  • Your APPROACH is well defined and broadly understood
  • You have identified BARRIERS that might get in your way and planned for how to overcome them
  • You have named the LESSONS you want to learn along the way so you can turn setbacks into success
  • You have built robust EVALUATION into your process to gather real-time feedback

Let’s strategize!

“The team at Integrated Work partnered with our Board of Directors to develop a 3-year strategic plan and with our executive team to craft both long-term and emergency succession plans. We have used this work to plan for our post-COVID reality and develop staff for eventual succession while maintaining organizational stability in a complex environment. You have consistently provided high-quality services that have truly met our goals.”

– CEO of a Large Statewide Membership Association

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Ideas & Inspiration
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The Gifts of Gratitude

The Gifts of Gratitude

The premise of this time of Thanksgiving is about celebrating the bounty in one’s life and giving gratitude for the things we have been blessed with. While the origins of the holiday itself and some of the ways it continues to be celebrated are fraught, there are also new traditions being imagined and other emphases for our gratitude. Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving Reader is one example and Oprah has compiled this list of 30 traditions to try with your family, while this article from Cultural Survival highlights strategies for decolonizing and honoring native peoples on Thanksgiving and throughout indigenous peoples’ month.

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Beyond “Happy Holidays”: Religious Inclusivity in the Workplace

Beyond “Happy Holidays”: Religious Inclusivity in the Workplace

Religion can feel like a forbidden topic in the workplace, but it’s an important aspect of who we are and how we relate to each other. There are many ways that we can incorporate conversations about religion into our workplaces to help us connect more authentically, build belonging, and set a strong foundation for working together. As we get into the practice of expanding our awareness of religious and cultural practices, we can change our attitudes and take action to create workplaces that are inclusive of people of all religious backgrounds.

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