Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI)

Become a more socially conscious leader.

We work with

leaders at all levels to help them nurture diversity and practice inclusivity in their organizations. We can support your organization in clarifying a vision for success, designing and delivering a JEDI-specific Organizational Assessment, or through targeted workshops, training, and coaching.

Coaching & Consulting

Foster brave spaces

Cultivate your capacity to be physically, mentally, and emotionally present for people as they navigate the often challenging ups and downs of courageously engaging in social-justice work.

Meetings & Events

Model curiosity and learning

Approach people and problems from a place of genuine curiosity and model self-leadership, inquiry, and personal growth.

Meetings & Events

Understand system impacts

Change doesn’t happen through individual goodwill alone. Learn to see where existing systems keep you stuck and how to create meaningful transformation.

Our Team

Integrated Works’ talented and diverse team is world-class at creating the conditions for challenging conversations that produce breakthrough results. Our professionals have devoted their careers to helping socially conscious leaders increase their collective impact on the most pressing issues of our time.

DEI Programs

JEDI Programs

We offer specific workshops and cohort-based programs to assist organizations in meeting their unique needs. Check out our Programs page to learn more about our Amplify Your Impact and JEDI Facilitation offerings, and contact us to explore how we can support your organization’s JEDI journey.

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Recent Work

Strategic guidance & facilitation

Strategic Guidance & Facilitation

Integrated Work provided facilitation and strategic guidance to a large membership organization leading an Equity Café series. The organization was gathering input and ideas about JEDI from their members to help shape their next strategic plan. Small groups brainstormed equity and justice strategies related to health care payment reform, clinical care, and policy and advocacy. Ideas from these brainstorming sessions were then woven into the organization’s larger strategic planning discussions.

Peer-to-peer learning

Peer-to-Peer Learning

Integrated Work leads a peer-to-peer learning program with participants from every state in the country. In the program, nonprofit leaders and staff who are committed to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion work with community health centers and underserved patients in their communities. At a panel discussion we recently convened, participants recommended JEDI strategies to employ at community health centers and within the nationwide network of organizations represented.

“This is the best learning experience ever. It’s powerful. It’s real. I LOVE the facilitators.”

– JEDI Program Participant

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Ideas & Inspiration
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The Gifts of Gratitude

The premise of this time of Thanksgiving is about celebrating the bounty in one’s life and giving gratitude for the things we have been blessed with. While the origins of the holiday itself and some of the ways it continues to be celebrated are fraught, there are also new traditions being imagined and other emphases for our gratitude. Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving Reader is one example and Oprah has compiled this list of 30 traditions to try with your family, while this article from Cultural Survival highlights strategies for decolonizing and honoring native peoples on Thanksgiving and throughout indigenous peoples’ month.

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Beyond “Happy Holidays”: Religious Inclusivity in the Workplace

Beyond “Happy Holidays”: Religious Inclusivity in the Workplace

Religion can feel like a forbidden topic in the workplace, but it’s an important aspect of who we are and how we relate to each other. There are many ways that we can incorporate conversations about religion into our workplaces to help us connect more authentically, build belonging, and set a strong foundation for working together. As we get into the practice of expanding our awareness of religious and cultural practices, we can change our attitudes and take action to create workplaces that are inclusive of people of all religious backgrounds.

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