Meeting in Our Space

Water Street Plaza: a perfect location for your event.

Integrated Work invites you

to hold your next company meeting, retreat, workshop, or networking event in our spacious, modern Water Street location. The open, flexible floor plan allows for many configurations to get the most out of your event.

Located in central Boulder, Water Street Plaza offers convenient onsite and nearby parking. Walk to restaurants, shopping, transportation lines, hotel accommodations. It’s just minutes away from the University of Colorado Boulder.

  • 1,000 sq. ft. creative workspace
  • 35 person seating capacity
  • Spacious breakout rooms
  • Whiteboard walls
  • Modular tables & chairs
  • Portable AV stand with 75” flat screen monitor with AirPlay and HDMI and full HD 1080p camera
  • Fiber internet with seamless wifi coverage throughout

Workspace Layouts

High-Impact Gatherings

Creating a truly collaborative learning environment where insights can be leveraged for competitive advantage and impact amplification requires trust, clarity and engagement.

Integrated Work provides design, facilitation, and consulting services to support strategic planning, innovation breakthroughs, team building, and peer-to-peer collaboration online and in-person.

Today’s problems require new ways of engaging, collaborating and listening to one another. We design and facilitate topical, place-based (or virtual) tailored-for-you events and gatherings that help people go deeper faster to generate new insights. Our experienced consultants help advance innovative problem solving and accelerate effective collaboration within and across teams

Leadership teams develop greater potential when all team members have the communication and collaboration skills necessary to deliver great results and can navigate challenges that arise. We work with leaders within and across organizations to find new ways of looking at enduring challenges and build inclusive and VIABLETM solutions that last.

Dynamic Programs

Sometimes achieving breakthrough results requires developing new skills and habits and build our programs and content around adult learning principles to engage and grow your team.

In addition to our many made-for-you programs and workshops, we also offer a suite of off-the-shelf and easy-to-tailor options.

  • Facilitating for Impact
  • Coaching for Success
  • 4D Applied Leadership
  • Catalyzing Active and Lasting Engagement
  • Building Better Boards (and Executive Teams)
  • Creating a VIABLETM Strategy

Inspired Products

We develop tools and products that inspire new ways of thinking, shift team dynamics, and support new insights. Our designs are elegant, simple, and fun and can be used in dozens of ways to serve your unique needs and circumstances.

We partner with local entrepreneurs and independent artisans whenever possible to craft high-quality artifacts that delight and inspire.

We offer a range of assessments, and our certified facilitators help your team interpret results to achieve new heights together.

Engaging Experiences

We craft custom experiences that support strong engagement, trust, and partnerships across the hall and around the world—which in turn supports depth of relationship, understanding of company strategy and products, and a “one team” mindset.

Immersive events and retreats can catalyze lasting change and unlock stuck behaviors and thinking. We help you and your team get out of your comfort zone to discover new things about each other, look at old problems in new ways, and cultivate the confidence to reach your goals.

Integrated Work

2595 Canyon Blvd, Suite 330
Boulder, CO 80302

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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– African Proverb