Leadership & Executive Development

Nurture strong leadership at your organization.

Strong leaders

who can overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing landscape can make all the difference to your success, now and in the future. 

Executive Development for managers and professionals includes continuous, real time learning that supports leaders to develop the needed skills to meet current and future responsibilities.  Having informed, adaptable talent, grown from within, is foundational to employee retention and to the health and sustainability of an organization 

As there are many possible approaches to leadership development, Integrated Work will partner with you to determine what approach best meets your needs.  We can design and deliver your entire program, or simply design and pilot initial cohorts. We start by listening to your needs, follow up with research before beginning design, and consider implementation.  Perhaps most importantly, we work with you to develop meaningful targets that allow you to measure the impact of your efforts. 

Ready to plan?

“Our experience with Integrated Work is that their deep and long-standing relationships with leaders and staff from a variety of organizations supports those organizations to implement meaningful services quickly and seamlessly. They are a trusted partner.”

– Program Leader, Federal Agency

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The Gifts of Gratitude

The Gifts of Gratitude

The premise of this time of Thanksgiving is about celebrating the bounty in one’s life and giving gratitude for the things we have been blessed with. While the origins of the holiday itself and some of the ways it continues to be celebrated are fraught, there are also new traditions being imagined and other emphases for our gratitude. Seth Godin’s Thanksgiving Reader is one example and Oprah has compiled this list of 30 traditions to try with your family, while this article from Cultural Survival highlights strategies for decolonizing and honoring native peoples on Thanksgiving and throughout indigenous peoples’ month.

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Beyond “Happy Holidays”: Religious Inclusivity in the Workplace

Beyond “Happy Holidays”: Religious Inclusivity in the Workplace

Religion can feel like a forbidden topic in the workplace, but it’s an important aspect of who we are and how we relate to each other. There are many ways that we can incorporate conversations about religion into our workplaces to help us connect more authentically, build belonging, and set a strong foundation for working together. As we get into the practice of expanding our awareness of religious and cultural practices, we can change our attitudes and take action to create workplaces that are inclusive of people of all religious backgrounds.

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