Organizational & Needs Assessments

Use data to reveal new possibilities.

Organizations and their leaders

often need to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their existing systems and processes to optimize effectiveness and set themselves up for long-term sustainability. Infusing your aspirations with data will allow you to make data-driven decisions and change course when needed over the span of your plan while anchoring your efforts with baseline data and metrics will allow you to track and make progress toward your goals. Integrated Work is world-class at engaging diverse stakeholders and bringing their perspectives together for game changing analysis and recommendations.

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Organizational Assessment 

An organizational assessment reveals insights about your team and organization in the areas of goals, roles, interactions, and processes. As you strive to achieve operational excellence, a customized assessment can be your starting point for gathering baseline data or it can be used to dig more deeply into specific opportunities for improved performance, building upon the findings of an engagement or satisfaction survey you may have already conducted.

The combination of quantitative and qualitative information will provide you with guidance on areas that are thriving as well as areas most in need of improvement. As we review the data with you, our team will support you in planning action steps in response to the findings that will lead to a more productive, inclusive, and effective team and organization.

DEI Programs

Needs Assessment

Integrated Work conducts research on client systems and processes using a customized Needs Assessment Survey and one-on-one stakeholder interviews. We synthesize all of the input into a quantitative report. Our approach with Assessments is strengths-based with an eye toward clear, kind communication regarding challenges identified and potential strategies to address them. We also acknowledge the importance and value of diversity, equity, and inclusion and work to build questions and the survey platform in a way that invites all perspectives.

Are you ready
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“We completed an organizational assessment with Integrated Work to optimize our effectiveness and set ourselves up for long-term sustainability. We now have clear alignment on needs and values and stronger relationships. Integrated Work followed up with an all-staff retreat and team coaching. We truly value our partnership with you.”

– CEO, Non-Profit Membership Organization 

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