Events & Convenings

Plan transformative, large-scale events.

Conferences & Retreats

Planning a large-scale event like a conference or retreat requires extensive preparation and design. Success depends on knowing and employing best practices for participant engagement and user experience, as well as on having a highly skilled facilitator.

  • Design inspiring agendas
    Work with us to write the perfect agenda for your specific meeting.
  • Learn to facilitate
    Engage with our coaches and learn to keep the event moving while cultivating an atmosphere of deep listening and connection.
  • Craft a user-friendly experience
    Make the most of your event by welcoming participants into a highly collaborative environment.
  • Focus on the important things
    Let us orchestrate and facilitate your event so that your team can focus on its priorities.
  • Explore best modes of delivery
    Discover the optimal formats for attendees to learn and connect at your event.
  • Re-imagine for virtual
    Design virtual events that will engage, inspire, and motivate your team.
What We Do

Convene for transformation

Much has been written about the power of a collective impact approach to create an amplification effect. In practice, however, many organizations that have tried to implement this approach have found it costly and slow.

Our approach leverages the best of a collective impact model while mitigating some of its shortcomings. To powerfully catalyze the work and build a foundation for amplified impact, we recommend focusing on five key things to start strong, allow for iteration and evolution, and instill confidence that real change is both manageable and attainable.

  • Build a brain trust of visionaries, advisors, experts, and community partners
  • Form a nimble task force to set direction, do the work, and lead the way
  • Communicate clear direction at every step to build stakeholder engagement
  • Grow capability through the work so lasting skills and ownership develop
  • Strengthen community partnerships to amplify your collective impact

Ready to plan?

“We set out to design engaging virtual dialogue and education sessions about the future of Telehealth and the team at Integrated Work helped us design a great series of events.  Their real time facilitation techniques and outstanding technical support made our time together a success. The team was very pleasant to work with and meetings were very well structured and paced.”

– National Telehealth Roundtable Leaders