Asra Riaz

Senior Consultant

Asra has focused her entire career on the healthcare industry. She is passionate about serving underserved and uninsured communities.  Asra has years of experience advocating for Federally Qualified Health Centers. She provided crucial data analysis and reporting on many key projects that informed funding needs. Most recently she was involved in electronic medical records implementation. Though challenging, these system changes were crucial to improving the quality of healthcare.  This work involved in-depth organizational and workflow analyses and facilitating important conversations between clinicians and IT professionals.  She also provided system training and technical support. Asra is deeply committed to Integrated Work’s ideals of heart of service and human first work. She will be bringing her previous experience and knowledge together and making an impact at Integrated Work.

Asra holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health and Economics from Rutgers University.

Asra resides in New Jersey with her family.  They love exploring New York City’s cultural and culinary scenes. Asra also enjoys traveling and eating, preferably at the same time.