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Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at Work.

What does leadership mean to you?

How can you infuse the principles of JUSTICE, EQUITY, DIVERSITY and INCLUSION into your work life? What skills can individuals practice to influence organizations to act more equitably, grow more inclusively, increase diversity while promoting a just culture?

Integrated Work and Affinity Arts Consulting are offering a 6-part leadership development series, with a focus on power dynamics, that will explore how to be an inclusive leader. This series invites leaders at all levels to understand what it really means to hold space for others, cultivate genuine curiosity and active listening skills while gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Whether you are already familiar with concepts around cultural competence, or it is a new skillset you are developing, this series can help build the capacity, courage, and confidence needed to increase your ability to effectively lead in your organization. Questions? Check out our FAQ section.

What are you investing in when you join the cohort?

⭐️ Six, 2-hour cohort sessions
⭐️ One, 60-minute coaching session (additional sessions for an extra cost)
⭐️ One pack of JEDI Journey cards
⭐️ Unlimited access to a private Community where you can interact and continue to collaborate with other cohort members and alumni to keep learning and conversations progressing


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What participants are saying…



Trent Norman, MS

Trent has been working professionally in college and university settings since 1993.  As a student activist, he created the Black Students Organization at Fort Lewis College, UCAP (United Coalition Against Prejudice) – a not-for-profit organization created to address the Ku Klux Klan and a performance Theatre group, the Existential Sneeches.  Trent received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature and Theatre Performance while participating as a Residence Assistant and a student-athlete; Trent’s Master of Science is in Social Psychology is where Trent focused his energies on group dynamics and facilitation. Trent continues his love of theatre as the co-founder and director of the University of Colorado’s Interactive Theatre Project and Affinity Arts Consulting.  He has a passion for social justice issues and served 4 years as the Assistant Director for Organizational Diversity at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he developed a stand-alone curriculum for Resident Advisors (student staff), taught by Residence Hall Directors & Assistant Directors (professional full-time staff), created and implemented a diversity plan for the Division of Student Affairs and engaged the Department of Housing and Dining Services in a unit-wide training program to address climate issues for staff.  Trent participated in the Social Justice Training Institute (as a participant and intern); has been certified to train in the NCBI (National Coalition Building Institute) model; has a training certificate from NCORE (National Conference On Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education) and completed the Social Justice Education Training Certificate from NCORE. Trent is also a professional photographer, ski instructor, and avid cyclist.

Nadia Ali, MPA

Nadia’s depth of experience spans program management, coalition building, leadership and workforce development, community outreach, health care reform and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training, and consulting. She is passionate about health and racial equity and her work has primarily centered around increasing access to care in underserved populations, creating leadership opportunities for underrepresented minorities, and increasing awareness and dialogue around health and racial equity.  Additionally, Nadia has worked on programs focused on complex care, health information technology, health disparities research, and outreach in immigrant communities.

Darrie Matthew Burrage, MA

Darrie believes that the continuous practice of DEI work is about providing access to the breadth (and beauty) of identities, backgrounds, and perspectives that have been historically and systemically marginalized in our national and global society. Breaking barriers and trailblazing never-before-seen endeavors to honor these communities take the earnest and intentional action of inviting their influence in the process and outcome of those efforts; as well as giving credit for their contribution. Ultimately, Darrie strives to establish environments that represent, uplift, and respond to our diverse communities. We must deepen our empathy for others and reignite our self-efficacy to move toward implementing strategies that address the longstanding challenges these communities face.

Mikayla Branz, MSW/MPH

Mikayla has been facilitating dialogues and workshops on racism, religion, and other social justice topics for nearly a decade. Her intersectional and relational approach to facilitation stems from the belief that everybody has a unique and important role to play in ending systems of oppression. We are able to grow into these roles when we build trust, listen to ourselves and each other, and gain language and skills to shift systems of power. Mikayla’s experience as a grassroots community organizer in Los Angeles helps her support people to connect the personal growth they experience through reflection and dialogue with the action they want to take in their organizations and communities. With a background in social work and public health, Mikayla is particularly interested in racial equity initiatives that reduce health disparities and improve organizations.

Jennifer Simpson, PHD

Jennifer is the CEO of Integrated Work. She has dedicated her life and career to improving lives, strengthening communities, and adding value to organizations by helping people amplify their impact by being more human, together. Her varied background includes more than twenty-five years of experience working in and with organizations across the private, public, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors to create more meaningful and effective ways of living and working together across differences; more than a decade of teaching university courses in communication, organizational diversity, and leadership disciplines; and a lifetime of bridging worlds in a way that capitalizes on the best in organizations to enhance creativity and stimulate whole system learning.

Rebecca Brown Adelman, MA

Rebecca co-founded in 1999 and co-directed The Interactive Theatre Project, a program at the University of Colorado at Boulder from 1999-2015, which used theatre as a medium for education, dialogue, and as a means to create social change. With an extensive background in theatre and improvisation from New York City, Rebecca studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Circle Repertory, HB Studios and received her MA in drama therapy for New York University. Rebecca is an actor, director, and writer with years of comprehensive training in Social Justice theory and practice. Rebecca has created and facilitated hundreds of performances and dialogues on issues impacting the community all over the country. She performs regularly in the Boulder and Denver area and is a longtime ensemble member of Playback Theatre West.  Rebecca is also an instructor with the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Colorado at Boulder.


🕙 How long is each session? 
Each session is 2 hours long.
🧕 Who are the facilitators?
The facilitators are experienced professionals who have been deeply involved in this work. For more information about their backgrounds, click here.
📅 What’s the time commitment?
There are six bi-weekly sessions.
😊 Who should participate from my organization? 
People who have leadership accountabilities or would like to develop more as a new emerging leader.
📖 What are the session topics?
Session topics include identity exploration; practicing radical empathy; active listening; exploring power and privilege as a leader.