Leading Virtually

Develop leadership skills that know no distance.

With remote and hybrid work as part of the fabric of our workplace, leading effectively at a distance has become a critical skill, not just a crisis response strategy. 

Whether you’re already comfortable working and leading virtually, or it’s a new skill set you’re having to learn fast, Integrated Work can help.

Our “Leading Virtually” training is now available as an engaging, self-paced course that covers best practices for virtual meetings that we have developed over the past 10+ years.

Coaching & Consulting

Lead engaging virtual meetings

Conduct meetings that leave team members feeling inspired and connected.

Meetings & Events

Collaborate effectively as a remote team

Learn new ways to communicate, strategize, and coordinate online.

Meetings & Events

Host dynamic events at a distance

Take advantage of virtual opportunities to organize amazing events of any size.


Integrated Work has been leading virtual teams, working across large distances, and hosting large-scale events online for well over a decade. We’ve pulled some of our top lessons learned together in this three-part interactive experience to share key insights, offer practical tips, tricks, and tools for keeping virtual meetings engaging, and serve as a sounding board for your top-of-mind questions. Sign up for the one that suits you best or join us for all three.

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“I enjoyed the videos, the quizzes and the simplicity of this course. There are so many ideas presented, now I have to find the time to use them all!

– Course Graduate