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Leading, Now: the KOAN method

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Begin your journey with an introduction to the KOAN method, a book by Jennifer Simpson, CEO of Integrated Work, a Certified B Corporation, and access a guiding philosophy on taking the first steps toward a more connected, curious, and open mindset.

The KOAN method is part memoir, part social analysis, and part field guide for navigating the conflicts all around us. The central point is that we need to get better at mastering the shift from division (the things that keep us stuck and at odds with one another) to connection (where real innovation and breakthroughs happen).

The KOAN method is both a call to action and a beacon of hope. It is for anyone who finds themselves leading — by profession, by choice, or by accident.

In this free download, you’ll learn:

  • Why finding good solutions is not only possible, but inevitable.
  • How to move from polarization to innovation.
  • The value of amplifying differences.
  • What the HIKE mantra is and how to use it.
Trauma-Informed Leadership

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