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Register now to join us at 1 p.m. MT May 29 for an exclusive FREE webinar with Integrated Work CEO Jennifer Lyn Simpson and our special guest Nanci Luna Jiménez, a transformative guide and heart-centered listener, who bridges racial healing and social justice through human connection, authentic relationships, and sustainable systems change.

This is part of a series of live conversations exploring concepts in Jen’s book, the KOAN method: Breakthrough Leadership for a Divided World. The live conversations are part of KOAN Conversations, a community and content series designed for leaders ready to connect, innovate, and inspire.

Whether you’re a leader by profession, choice, or circumstance, this webinar is a call to action and a beacon of hope. Don’t miss the chance to delve into insightful ideas and be part of this conversation that promises breakthroughs.

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Nanci Luna Jiménez has committed to her own healing for more than 30 years to be a transformative guide, heart-centered listener, and authentic companion for leaders and change-makers committed to racial healing and social justice. Since founding the Luna Jiménez Institute for Social Transformation in 1994, she has reached tens of thousands of people with her core message of human goodness and connection as a transformational approach to social change. 

Nanci works from the premise that systems are made up of humans, and unhealed humans perpetuate harm and injustice. Her approach centers healing and authentic relationships as the foundation for sustainable systems change and accountability. She gently reminds people what they already know: oppression can only end with their healing, and, with support, they can completely heal! 

Nanci coaches and consults with individuals and intact groups who are ready to be lovingly challenged and held with compassion as they unwind patterns which no longer serve their most whole vision for themselves, their work, and their world. Certified as an IAF Master level process facilitator, she expertly speaks to and works with what is unnamed, unspoken, and invisible in the room. Nanci guides organizations, boards, and communities to deal with unaddressed emotions that can block creativity and collaboration necessary for transformative culture shifts. 

As a sought-after TEDx speaker, Nanci’s vulnerable, insightful, and experiential keynotes leave audiences feeling seen and inspired to take the next step on their healing journey. Nanci imparts new language, fresh ways of thinking, and tangible practices that renew and reinvigorate through her numerous ground-breaking in-person, virtual, and on-demand programs, and courses. 

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the KOAN method: Breakthrough Leadership for a Divided World confronts the failure of yesterday’s models of leading and organizing to solve today’s most pressing problems and makes the case for a new and better way.